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LIFT - Learning in Families Together

Our Vision: We aim to develop unique, innovative and engaged learners.

Our Mission: To develop a shared responsibility to provide every student the opportunity to learn and reach their potential.  

Our Values: Respect, Responsibility, Including Others and Doing your Best


This year Woodbridge School has been allocated by the government and DoE Learning in Families Together (LIFT) funding. LIFT aims to increase each family’s engagement in their children’s education with the intention of improving student’s literacy and numeracy learning outcomes. Family engagement opportunities provided through LIFT will equip families with the skills to support the literacy and numeracy learning of their children.


LIFT is underpinned by three key drivers from DoE Learners First: Positive Environments; Successful Learners; and Community Partnerships.  LIFT supports the implementation of the Literacy and Numeracy Framework 2016-2017 where ‘Family and Community Engagement’ is identified as a key element of effective literacy and numeracy teaching.


LIFT will support the development of oral and written literacy and numeracy skills aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum and will build on the success of programs already operating in schools.


LIFT objectives are to:

1. Improve literacy and numeracy learning outcomes for students.

2. Engage families of students and empower them to be active partners in their children’s learning with teachers and schools.

3. Raise awareness of the shared responsibility between school, family and community for improving early learning.

4. Provide opportunities for families to build a repertoire of skills so they can support the literacy and numeracy learning of their children.


Our aim at Woodbridge School is to develop strategies in partnership with families. As children are in school only 15 % of the time, the importance of working with families and the community is crucial.  When parents develop an understanding of the learning that is expected of their children in school they grow in confidence in their ability to help.


If you have any questions please contact Brooke Pepper – Assistant Principal



If you have specific questions about how to support your child’s learning at home and at school or would like further information please complete the form below.  

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Alternatively you can contact Brooke Pepper – Assistant Principal

Email: brooke.pepper@education.tas.gov.au

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